A lot of moving companies charge their customers hourly. Because of this, customers want their moves to go as quickly as possible. This becomes a crucial part of a successful move, as well as ensuring there are no damages. The more prepared the customer is, the quicker the move can go. Here are some tips for you to help pick up the pace during your move.

1. Make sure the men can park the truck as close to your residence as possible. The longer the distance to walk, the longer the move will take.

2. It is important that all of your boxes are packed and taped up properly. Do not just fold the lids together. That will not be stable for stacking boxes. If the guys find boxes that aren’t packaged properly, they will have to have them done correctly which will use time on the clock.

3. It is very important that walkways are taken care of in inclement weather. If the pathways become slippery, this will significantly slow down the move. Make sure to salt or shovel the path they are walking.

4. The men will come with the tools necessary to disassemble or reassemble anything that needs it. These are things such as beds and desks. If you would like to sit back, relax, and let the movers take care of it, feel free. However, if your looking to save time on the clock, we recommend doing these things ahead of time.

5. Some people hire moving companies because they want to do as minimal lifting as possible. Other people do because they either don’t have a truck, or the manpower to lift heavy items.  If you fall into the second group, your probably looking for the move to go as quick as possible. You may want to consider moving your boxes all into one location to reduce the amount of time they spend gathering them.  Make sure, however, that they are not blocking any furniture, entries, or walkways.

6.  We are more than happy to move your electronics for you.  Keep in mind though, that if they have to unplug all of the cords and box them up, this will take some time.  This is just one more thing you can do to speed up the time on your move.

Here at All Area Moving we are more than happy to do it all while you sit back and relax.  However, we know the value of a dollar and the need to get these moves done as quick as possible.  We hope these tips help! Our goal for all moves is to get them done quick, while ensuring no damages and maintaining a friendly attitude.  Your satisfaction is our objective!

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