You’ve done it before. Whether you were in college or moving into your first apartment, you called up your friends and family, offered them pizza, and they helped you move. While there are plenty of times that moving yourself isn’t necessarily a bad idea, more often than not, you should turn to a professional mover to help you through the moving process. Your local moving company can provide a variety of services and benefits when you opt to hire them for your move. If you’re upgrading homes, moving across state lines, or simply moving into your first home, movers are a positive addition to your transition. If you live in and around Flint, turn to All Area Moving for the following benefits.


One of the main benefits you can expect when you hire a moving company to help you through your move, is simply stress relief. They take a big part of the move off of your shoulders so you don’t have to worry. The most difficult part of a move is how physical it can be. Whether you need packing services and help with your move, or you just need the manpower to get all your boxes and furniture from point A to point B, you can rest assured that your belongings will get where they need to be, without you hurting your back.


While you’re moving, if you break something or scratch up your favorite dresser, the responsibility falls on you. No one else is responsible. However, when you hire a professional moving company, you can rest assured that your things are going to be safe. Make sure to choose a moving company that is insured and bonded so that if an accident does happen, they are accountable for covering any damages. You’re paying for more than just the manpower, you’re also paying the moving company to make sure everything gets to your new location safely.


Have you ever tried to move a couch through an “L”-shaped entryway? Or did you build your IKEA dresser in the room and aren’t sure how to get it out when you move? These are common problems that professional movers face everyday when helping customers through their moves. When you hire professional movers, you can know that they have a plethora of experience that you simply don’t. They will make your move as efficient and fast as possible.


If you’ve called all your friends and family to help you with a move, which you probably have, you know that they aren’t fans of you for asking them to help you move. In fact, many people will dodge the issue when presented with it. Remove the hassle of trying to get everyone together and wrangle enough friends with trucks by working with a local moving company. Your family and friends will love you for not twisting their arms into helping with your move.


If you’ve ever tried to move all of your belongings, you know that it can be a very difficult process. But if you’ve ever watched professional movers in the act, they make it look relatively effortless. This is partially because they have the right equipment to get the job done. From dollies to furniture pads to industrial saran wrap, movers come prepared to get the job done right. These tools can cost a lot of your opt to purchase them yourself, but professional movers have already invested in them to make sure they can get the job done well for you.

When you move, turn to the best moving company in the Flint area by choosing All Area Moving. Contact us for an estimate for your move today!