Moving to a new home can be a very exciting time, but it also can be very stressful. If you’ve ever had to call the family together with the offer of pizza for a move, you know that it’s not the easiest process. However, with the right moving company on your side, it’s sure to go much smoother. Other things you can do to make your move an easier transition is to know exactly where some specific items are during the moving process. There’s nothing worse than moving into your new home and not being able to find something that you need that night. That’s why we’ve put together a list of seven practical items that you do not want to lose track of during your move.

Toilet Paper

This may seem like a no-brainer, but how many times have you moved to not have toilet paper in your new home. And when you have to go, there is truly nothing worse than digging around through boxes only to come up empty handed. Either pack this in an “Open First” box or make sure to throw a few rolls in your car to place in the bathrooms promptly on your arrival.

Disinfectant Wipes

Whether you have to clean your current residence as you move out or the previous owners of your new home did a poor job cleaning when they left, you’re going to want to have disinfectant wipes handy.

Other Cleaning Supplies

Along with disinfectant wipes, you might want to consider a whole cleaning kit. This should include toilet bowl cleaner, a vacuum, sponges, and other commonly used cleaning supplies that you may need promptly.


Imagine to be excited to be in your new home and spending your first night there. You may be sleeping on your mattress that’s sitting on the floor, but the adventure is exciting! You go to get ready for bed only to discover that you cannot find your toothbrush and toothpaste to save your life. This is one of those things that’s worth packing separately.


When you finally get ready to unpack all your clothing, you don’t want to be searching high and low for all of your hangers. This is one of those items that’s okay to pack in a see-through plastic storage container. You’ll be glad you did.

Fire Extinguisher

Whether you’re cooking your first meal in your new home or you go to plug a lamp in only to get sparks, having a fire extinguisher handy never hurts. You don’t want to have a fire start only to realize you have a fire extinguisher packed with no way to find it.

Pet Food

If you don’t have pets, this essential obviously doesn’t apply to you—however, if you do, you’ll want to know exactly where their kibble and bowls are. While you could just drive to a local pet store and pick up a small bag, it’s not worth it.

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