Each generation has it’s own way of innovating and improving the world. In the same way, each generation finds their own cities to call their own throughout the United States. But it’s not just cities that millennials call home that are ranking high on the list of where young professionals should set down roots; there are many factors that go into making a specific city ideal for new generations.

Young professionals tend to look for some very specific factors in a city to call home. Each year Forbes creates a top 25 list of the best cities for young professionals based on factors including rent costs, average salaries, employment opportunities, and social potential. For 2017, here are some of the cities that ranked the highest.

Seattle, WA

With an excellent starting salary range for professionals with less than five years of experience, Seattle was ranked number one by Forbes for young professionals. However, don’t be surprised if you have to get a roommate in order to afford rent, as the costs are relatively high for an individual on their own.

Austin, TX

Texas has always had a really affordable cost of living, and Austin has the culture to go with it. With good wages, a low cost of living, and a tagline of “Keep Austin Weird,” who wouldn’t be interested in moving to this thriving city?

Salt Lake City, UT

While some young professionals may think Salt Lake City is stuffy, in reality, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. With great wages, a reasonable cost of living, and skiing just 45 minutes outside of town, you’ll always have something to do.

San Francisco, CA

The Bay Area may rank high for job opportunities and the culture, however, this area is exceptionally expensive and competitive. Only opt for San Francisco if you’re dying to work for a company based there and have plenty of roommates to go around.

Dallas, TX

Another Texas city ranks high on the list of top cities for young professionals. Many cities in Texas are growing and your money can reach a lot farther in them. If you’re looking for a place where opportunities abound, then this may be the right choice for you.

Denver, CO

Much like the Bay Area, Denver ranks very high on the list of top places for young professionals. Again, though, the cost of living makes this a gamble. With both rent and home purchases prices through the roof, it may not be the perfect choice right now. However, it does have an amazing outdoor lifestyle and is truly a thriving city.

Washington D.C.

With reasonable wages and a lot of job opportunities, young professionals will love the thriving feel of Washington D.C. The one drawback to this unique city is that cost of living is rather high, but if you’re willing to commute, there are more affordable housing alternatives just outside the city.

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