Our next few posts are going to be all about tips we find are useful for moving.  We have decided to start with packing as this is essentially the first part to a move.  First you will need to decide if you will be packing your home yourself, or if you will be having movers do it for you.  Some customers choose to sit back and relax while many others decide to save the additional cost and pack themselves.  If you have chosen to complete the task yourself, here are some tips you may find useful,

  1. Make sure you have an adequate amount of materials and all the proper supplies.  Your most important supplies will be boxes, tape, and packing paper.  But for extra fragile items, you should consider bubble wrap as well.
  2. Make sure you fold the boxes correctly! Many people often fold the tabs of the boxes together and then tuck them under and over each other.  People do this because the box appears to hold itself together that way.  However, once you have added items, the box will become unstable.  The best way is to not tuck the tabs, but to tape them.  Please see the image below. 3.  Start packing well in advance.  Many times customers do not start packing until a couple of days before the move.  More often than not, they have not finished in time for the actual move.  This causes time to be added onto the clock as the movers will have to either help finish up the packing, or have to wait as boxes get finished up.  Keep in mind that the packing process usually takes longer than people expect it to.  When you hire the movers to come pack, they can do it much faster since they are only there for that purpose at that time.  When you pack yourself and only leave yourself a couple days to do so, it takes longer as you are having to do this around your regular schedule and so not as much gets completed as one hopes.

4.  Mark your boxes.  It is always a good idea to mark where a box should go when it arrives at the new residence.  This will save          you so much time.  You should also mark boxes fragile that they need to be extra careful with.

5.  If the items in a box are not the same weight, put the heavier items on the bottom, and the lighter stuff on the top. This will             help the structure of the box as well as the ability to stack the box to save room on the truck.

6.  Sometimes we come across boxes that are packed so full they can not close all the way.  This is very risky and items can easily         get damaged this way.  Most moving companies will not move boxes like that.  They must be tapped up.

7.  Moving is stressful.  Put on some music and try and relax while you get your packing done.  Try and focus on the excitement of        moving to your new home!


All Area Moving hopes this helps.  Contact Us with any questions!