One of the benefits of moving is having the opportunity to riffle through your belongs, clean everything, and rid yourself of items that are only taking up space. There are many benefits of taking the time to comb through your things and decide what is worth keeping and what it’s time to relinquish. This process allows you to scale down and declutter, providing you with a fresh start in your new home. So before the packers and movers show up for your Flint area move, what do you need to get done to scale down and clean up your home? Here are a few tips from the pros at All Area Moving to help you scale down and declutter your home prior to a move.

Question Everything

Several months before your move is the perfect time to purge your house of unnecessary items. Not only does that mean there will be less to move, but there will also be less clutter to unpack in your new home. You can do this process as you’re packing boxes or prior to the arrival of packers and movers, but it’s worth the time. Set up space for a couple of different piles. You’ll obviously want to make a keep pile, but you’ll also want a donate pile and a trash pile. Go through each room and as you prepare to pack; ask yourself if you really need each item. Also ask yourself, when was the last time you saw or used that item. Some things will be easy to place in the keep pile, but others make catch you by surprise. If you hesitate with any item then you may be relegating it to the donate or trash pile.

Hold a Garage Sale

Once you have gone through all of your belongings, you have the option to throw a garage sale with any of the items that made it to the donate pile. This is a great idea if you have things that are in good condition or if you have large items that will be hard to move. And if you happen to make some money from it, all the better.

Imagine Where It Belongs

Another technique to help you declutter before your move isn’t just to question the usefulness of the item, but to imagine where the item belongs in your new home. This is a helpful technique, especially for larger items such as furniture. If you can’t figure out where it will fit in your new home, ditch it.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Trash Can

It’s important to remember that throwing something away that you no longer use or need isn’t a bad thing. Don’t be afraid to pitch unneeded items. While it is important to think about the environment and if you can donate or recycle something first, it’s okay to pitch an item instead of packing it up, taking it with you, and continuing to horde it.

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