1. January Moving Special!

    We know most people prefer to move during the warmer months, but that it just doesn't always work out that way.  Calling a professional moving company will help to keep you out of the cold while your movers do the heavy lifting for you.  Contact Us at anytime for a free quote! Open 7 days a week, …Read More

  2. Happy New Year!

    All Area Moving would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! If your New Years resolution is buying or moving into a new home, we wish you the best of luck! When your ready to make that move, call us for your free quote! Contact Us at anytime!…Read More

  3. Lets Get Moving

    All Area is a family owned and operated company servicing Flint, MI and surrounding cities. All of our movers know the importance of friendly, efficient, and professional service. We are licensed, Insured, and fully equipped to handle all your moving needs! Our movers are all personally trained to g…Read More

  4. Merry Christmas to all, and to All A Good Move!

    From now until Christmas you can receive 10% off your move as our gift to you! Or, $20 off a one item move.  Call today to get your quote!  Did you buy yourself a new home for Christmas? Don't stop there! Hire professional movers to get you moved comfortably into your new house. Research shows tha…Read More

  5. Important Questions To Ask Before Moving

    No matter if your buying a new home or changing apartments, moving is a big deal. All of your items have to get from one location to the next.  Some of these items are fragile, while others hold personal importance. Make sure the company who moves you is qualified to do so.  Don't forget to ask th…Read More

  6. Don’t Just Fall Into Moving

    Why is Fall so many peoples favorite season? Its because it changes everyday.  Some days are warm. Some days are cold. And some days are just right.  You don't get bored with the same thing everyday.  But that's not what you want when your moving.  When you move, you want people who are consiste…Read More

  7. We Appreciate Your Referrals!

    After going over some of our documentation, we have found that almost half of our work comes from previous customers referring their friends and family to our company. That's huge, and we are so grateful! If you are referred to our company, please let us know and tell us the name of person who recom…Read More

  8. Summer is Ending

    We hope everyone had an amazing summer! Its hard to believe its coming to an end already.  Its been a busy summer for moving and we are very thankful for all of our repeat customers and referrals! We couldn't do this without you. Our schedule is still pretty full with everyone trying to get their m…Read More

  9. All Area Moving Sponsors Kids

    All Area Moving as a Sponsor Who do we Sponsor? All Area Moving is a sponsor of some of our local MX riders. We are proud to display our name on the bikes of those riders, and encourage youth to give it all they got. This is an intense sport that offers a lot of excitement. Why do we Sponsor? Motocr…Read More

  10. Long Distance Moving

    Most of our residential moves are done locally.  Local moves give us the opportunity to create a relationship with our customers. This is because they are within the area and contact can be made through repeat business and referrals. However, we know jobs and life can sometimes take us to different…Read More