Every Move is different.  Some are apartment jobs, and some are five bedroom homes. The size of the job greatly affects what size crew and truck are needed for your job.  If there are not enough men on your job, your move will take longer than it needs to and can cost you more money than it would need to with additional help.  This is why when you call for your quote, it is important to tell them all helpful information about your job.  These are things like if you have an apartment or a house? A basement or a garage? Stairs? Or even the square footage of the current home.  The more information you give your movers ahead of time, the more prepared they will be for your job with the right amount of man power and truck size.  No matter who you call and no matter who you go with, make sure you’ve discussed your job size and crew with the company! We would be happy to answer any questions you have.  Contact Us at anytime!